Chronic Pain. You have "just lived with it" too long. Put your pain in the Past.
Chronic pain affects every area of our lives – the way we work, live and function – and there's no need to simply live with it anymore. The specialists at Bulger SWPain have dedicated the last 22 years to offering North Texans state-of-the-art alternatives to managing symptoms.

Staffed exclusively by fellowship trained, American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certified anesthesiologists, Bulger SWPain physicians have more than 40 years of combined experience providing care for patients who suffer from both chronic and acute pain, including recurring pain from back or neck injury, residual pain after surgery, migraine headaches, nerve injury and much more. Pain therapy solutions range from sophisticated interventional treatments to simple medication adjustments.
The pain medication experts at Bulger SWPain developed a practical outpatient program that keeps patients working while gently tapering off pain pills. The doctors prescribe a wide variety of medications including Suboxone™ to help.
Great care starts with well-trained physicians. With training from such prestigious institutions as Mayo Clinic, Emory and UT Southwestern, our physicians have the education and experience needed to provide real solutions that work in the real world. Whether it's dealing with simple or complex pain, we want to help our patients stop dealing with their pain and start living.
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