After your initial consultation, Bulger SWPain will create a Customized Pain Plan that will:

  • Target and treat the source of pain using advanced pain therapies
  • Identify the source of pain using pain mapping or advanced
    radiologic imaging
  • Restore functionality and a productive lifestyle
  • Address and treat associated symptoms and behaviors such as insomnia, social withdrawal, depression and sexual dysfunction
  • Promote exercise, healthy activities and preventative care
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary approaches, if indicated
  • Provide cost effective care and minimize reliance on health care resources
Southwest Pain Group Consultation

Only Bulger SWPain has so much to offer:

  • Education and Experience - Dr. Bulger is fellowship trained, ABMS certified physician who trained at MAYO clinic and Emory University.
  • Fellowship Training - Additional training to perform complex procedures and learn advanced techniques. A fellowship is highly sought after, must be applied for and is awarded to only top applicants based on academic ranking. Physicians must pass rigorous certification tests and oral exams from experts in their field to ensure that they possess necessary skills. All Bulger SWPain doctors are fellowship trained.
  • Site of Treatment Choice - Only Bulger SWPain offers patients the option of in-hospital care, outpatient centers or cost saving in-office treatments for almost all types of advanced pain therapies.
  • Gentle Medication Taper Program - A unique program to taper pain medications gently in a gradual fashion so patients can continue to function at work and home. The program is covered by insurance, and alleviates the need for embarrassing in-patient programs.
  • Acute Headache Infusion Therapy - We can treat migraines with state-of-the-art IV medication(s), without a long wait in an emergency room.
  • Ultrasound Guided Pain Therapy - Ultrasound allows the doctor to see the painful area and treat it in the comfort of our offices.
  • Pain Mapping - Combining our scientific knowledge of nerve anatomy, careful review of your imaging studies and response to key applications of anesthetic solutions, we can focus on the cause of your pain. Our expertise ensures great results – we've been doing pain mapping for more than 15 years.
  • Two-Micron Thulium RevoLix Laser Rhizotomy - Rhizotomy is a treatment for degenerative facet disease, a common cause of neck and low back pain. Using a state-of-the-art two-micron thulium laser from Revolix (the same laser approved and used in the DaVinci robot) this procedure can be done with less pain, better results and in one-third the time of older technology. Best of all, it is less likely there will be a need to re-treat, which reduces patient costs.
  • The GON/SON Procedure™ - An exciting, amazingly effective treatment for chronic severe migraine headaches that failed to respond to any other procedure.

In addition to the many treatment solutions we provide, Bulger SWPain's physicians enjoy a close relationship with some of the best specialists in the area.